Dawn Derow: The House That Built Me

“The House That Built Me is an authentic cabaret show…a star who has decorated that house with warmth, humanity, pathos and humor.”

“It turns out Dawn Derow can sing anything, each musical offering is one served up on a silver platter of mellifluousness by the honey-voiced virtuoso. “

This show is inspired by her Father’s vast record collection that she heard from her adolescence through teen hood. Directed by Multi-Award winning director Jeff Harnar with Music Direction by Matt Baker. Derow weaves a story of how the songs she grew up listening to inspired and helped her blossom into the multi-faceted performer she is today.

The set list included classic pop hits and Broadway show tunes, from legendary performers such as Judy Collins, Jacques Brel, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and Rosemary Clooney as well as contemporary artists like P!nk & the title song by Miranda Lambert